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IDR 275.000


Heavy to Moderate Flow

Seamless high-waist undies that feel like your second skin for day-to day use at home or outside 

equal to 4 pads

approximately can last for 3-4 hours

Magicpouch included

Outer: 85% nylon, 15% spandex
Lining: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Middle: 80% polyester, 20% elastane, breathable TPU

Use our care guide for longer lifespan

Care Guide

Wash before use
to activate the absorbent layer in the gusset.

Rinse under running water
at <30°C until the water is clear; don’t soak.

Use gentle or delicate mode
on washing machine and use laundry bag, or simply hand wash. 

Hang dry 
and your period undies is ready for reuse. 

No bleach, no tumble dry, no ironing, no softener
that can damage the layers in your period undies.

For your comfort
Keep yourself dry while wearing OZÉE period undies to prevent stains or leakage. Whenever you use the toilet, wipe or tap on the gusset with toilet paper to absorb clot or any excess blood.

Reuse the box
Don’t throw the box out! Reuse it to store your clean OZÉE undies.

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61-78 cm

71-84 cm


63-85 cm

81-104 cm


71-90 cm

100-112 cm


73-94 cm

109-121 cm


88-107 cm

105-126 cm



What is a period underwear?

It is an underwear that you can use on your period. They look and feel just like regular undies, but they have protection layers that hold your period in. These reusable and sustainable undies totally replace disposable pads, tampons, menstrual cup, or any other period product. Just put it on, and you’re ready for your period.

So, it’s a regular underwear that I can wear during my period?

It certainly looks and feels like a regular underwear, but it has protection layers that quickly absorb liquid and protect against leakage. 

Can I wear it during heavy flow?

Of course. Just like your regular pads, we have different versions for light, medium, and heavy flow.

Can I wear it for exercise?

Yes, definitely. Our undies use breathable fabrics that won’t stick to your skin even when you’re sweating from strenuous exercise.The built-in protection layer also minimizes shifts when you’re moving around compared to your usual disposable pads. Of course, you need to be mindful of potential leakage when you’re having super heavy flow. As long as you know your flow, OZÉE undies are super comfy for exercise. 

Can I wear OZÉE undies outside? 

Of course! That’s what we made them for. It’s just like wearing your regular undies. We have also made a special Magicpouch for this exact purpose. When you’re outside and need to change, simply put your used period undies in the Magicpouch and keep it in your purse. When you get home, take the undies out and wash both the undies and the pouch.  

Is it safe? 

We use OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 fabric, which is a globally recognized label for fabrics tested against harmful substances. 

Do I still need disposable pads or tampons?

Not at all! OZÉE undies are all you need during your period.

Why should I switch to period underwear?

It’s more environmentally friendly than your usual period products because it’s reusable. The more eco-friendly options such as menstrual cups take more getting used to and can be confusing in terms of sizes. A period undies is just like a regular panty. They are comfortable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.


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