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How OZÉE Undies Works

Just like your regular undies, but it holds your period blood.

Our period undies feel like your regular underwear, but it has protection layers that absorb your period blood. It works just like your regular disposable pads, without the disposable part. The layers are part of the undies’ fabrics and can be washed once you’re done to be reused.

It is tought to be exact on how many hours period underwear will last, it’s different for everyone. Because everyone's flow are is different. It’s the same thing with pads right ? When they say 8-hour protection, is it really 8 hours? Sometimes you leak and have to change after 4. What we can tell you is that our undies have the absorbing capacity of 3-6 pads. You have to know your flow to figure out your flow threshold as the best indicator of how many hours OZÉE undies will last for you.

4 special layers that make the magic possible

The Wicking Layer

The surface of the gusset that touch your skin is a soft, fast-absorbing layer.

The Absorbent Layer

The layer that stores most of your period blood is highly absorbent, anti-humid, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

The Leakproof Layer

The leakproof layer that holds liquid in to prevent leakage.

The External Layer

The undies itself is made of super soft cotton material for extra comfort.

OZÉE undies are designed to feel just like your regular undies. So it doesn't feel bulky when you wear it. The protection layer covers the whole undies and will not shift when you're asleep. No more bad surprise when you wake up in the morning.

Most of the blood will be absorbed by the protection layers, but of course there will be slight wetness from clot and excess blood. Wetness is just a part of your period. Remember, you're bleeding continuously. Just change when it feels full and remember to tap-tap on the gusset whenever you use the toilet.

OZÉE undies use breathable fabrics that won’t stick to your skin even when you’re sweating.The built-in protection layer also minimizes shifts when you’re moving around compared to your usual disposable pads. Of course, you need to be mindful of potential leakage when you’re having super heavy flow. As long as you know your flow, OZÉE undies are supercomfy. It’s just like wearing your regular undies.

When you’re outside and need to change, simply put your used period undies in the MagicPouch and keep it in your purse. When you get home, take the undies out and wash both the undies and the MagicPouch.


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