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Know Your Flow

You want to try period undies, but you don’t want to deal with the mess? Here’s a step-by-step guide to trying it on.

Try it at home

Periods are messy. There’s no way around it. So try it when you have no plans to go out or at bedtime. This way, you can start figuring out your flow without the panic of dealing with leakage outside.

Check every 3-4 hours

Periods are the same. Everyone’s flow is different. Some people can use our heavy-flow OZÉE undies for 6-8 hours. For others, it’s much shorter. Feel it out after 3-4 hours. If everything is good, keep going. After a while, you will figure out your own threshold. That is the best indicator for you to know how many hours your OZÉE undies will last for you.

Change to a new one

If it leaks, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. It just means it’s time to change. Now you know. You should also change into a fresh pair when it feels humid or full.

Changes aren’t easy.
All you need is bravery and a little bit of adjustment.  

On average, women use 350 packs disposable pads from her first period until menopause. Just imagine how much waste 136 million Indonesian women produce.

FAQ List About Flow

We are here to answer any questions you have.
If you don't find an answer, talk to us!

Cycle and Flow

Will I get leakage when wearing OZÉE undies?

Not if you know your flow. No period product prevents leakage 100%. The key is to figure out how long it would take to fill out the protection layers.

How long is the protection layer?

The protection layer covers the whole undies and will not shift when you’re asleep. No more bad surprises when you wake up in the morning.

Will it smell if I just wear OZÉE undies during my period?

The odor from your period blood is usually not noticeable. After all, you don’t really smell your friend’s period blood, do you? OZÉE undies work just like your usual disposable pads, with layers that keep the blood in. Now, some period products use odor controllers, but they can be toxic for your body. In most cases, you don’t need it. If there’s a slight smell, it’s natural.

Will I feel “wetness” when I’m wearing OZÉE undies? 

Wetness is just a part of your period. Remember, you’re bleeding continuously. Most of the blood will be absorbed by the protection layers, but of course there will be slight wetness from clot and excess blood. Just change when it feels full and remember to tap-tap on the gusset whenever you use the toilet. 

Will I feel “padding” like a diaper when I’m wearing OZÉE undies? 

Our undies are designed to feel just like your regular undies. So it doesn’t feel bulky when you wear it. 

How many OZÉE undies do I need for one period cycle?

We can’t give you an exact count. Everyone has different flows and cycles. For the average person, the ideal count is 4-6 undies. If your flow is more on the heavy side, you might need more. Just try it out for one cycle and you’ll figure it out once you know your flow

How many hours can an OZÉE undies last for heavy flow in the first few days of period?

Everyone flow is different, so it's tough to be exact. Know your flow to figure out how many hours our undies can last you during your heaviest days. On average, our heavy-flow undies can last for 4-6 hours.


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