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Care Guide

OZÉE undies is easy to take care and wash.
There's no need for fancy products or expensive dry cleaning.
However, proper care and maintenance are the key to caring your OZÉE undies.
Follow these instructions for the best way to take care and to make sure your OZÉE undies lasts for many years!

Wash before use

to activate the absorbent layer in the gusset.

Rinse under running water

at <30°C until the water is clear; don’t soak.

Use gentle or delicate mode

on washing machine and use laundry bag, or simply hand wash.

Hang dry

and your period undies is ready for reuse.

No bleach, no tumble dry, no ironing, no softener

that can damage the layers in your period undies.

Reuse the box

Don’t throw the box out! Reuse it to store your clean OZÉE undies.

For your comfort

Keep yourself dry while wearing OZÉE period undies to prevent stains or leakage. Whenever you use the toilet, wipe or tap on the gusset with toilet paper to absorb clot or any excess blood.

FAQ List Care Guide

Can you hand wash OZÉE undies?

Absolutely. You can hand wash them if you want. But please be gentle! No harsh washing and you can use a mild detergent, always rinse with water under 30°C

Tip: You can wash them together in the shower!

Can you wash OZÉE undies with your other clothes?

Off course! Washing OZÉE undies with the rest of your laundry is perfectly fine, if you set them in a gentle or delicate mode on the washing machine. It won’t stain your other clothes, make sure you rinse well before throwing it in the washing machine. Put it in a mesh laundry bag first is even better!

How long do they take to dry?

Depends on the style. If you want a quick dry, hang them inside out. No tumble dry.

Is it bad to let OZÉE undies sit in your laundry for days?

The answer is YES. Very important to rinse your OZÉE undies in a running water straight away after wearing them, and continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

Can period blood stain them?

The color our period underwear is black, so stains will not show. Washing in a mild detergent and rinsing in cool water will prevent staining.

Are OZÉE undies smell?

Not. at. all. If cared properly, OZÉE undies won't smell.

What to do if the bad smells persist on your period underwear?

If your period underwear starts to smell, it’s probably because they are not being properly washed. Make sure to rinse well your period underwear before throwing them in the washing machine. To remove the smell of your underwear, add a few drops of essential oils when washing. You can choose lemon or tea tree for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Why can’t we wash our OZÉE undies in a high temperature?

A too high temperature will fix the blood on your period underwear. It’s pores will also clogged and therefore able to absorb less fluid. Please be aware when you put in the washing machine, make sure it doesn’t exceed 30º

Why shouldn’t I use fabric softener when washing my OZÉE undies?

Fabric softener works by coating the yarns of fabric to make it feel more soft and this is bad for period underwear because it breaks down the built-in gusset and the bonding around the seams. It makes the gusset materials less absorbent and less effective.


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