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  • Use It • Wash It • Repeat

Getting Started

For first timer, try your OZÉE undies out when you have no plans to go out. This way, you can figure out your flow without worrying too much about leakage or stains since you’re in the comfort of your own home. After a while, you’ll figure out your own threshold. You’ll know how many hours you can wear them without changing.

Once you’re comfortable and confident enough, you just wear OZÉE undies as a normal period product. You’ll get a MagicPouch with every OZÉE undies. This anti-odor, waterproof, leakproof pouch is specifically designed to keep your used period undies.

You can just put the bloodied undies directly in the pouch or rinse first, put it in your bag, and wash them when you get home. Don’t forget to bring spare OZÉE undies and the MagicPouch when you’re outside so you can change easily.

How to Use Your OZÉE Undies While on Your Period

Put your OZÉE undies on

when you get your period. Start your day as usual.

Keep yourself dry

throughout the day. Wipe or tap on the gusset with a toilet paper for any clot and excess blood whenever you use the toilet.

Change your OZÉE undies

and put on a fresh pair when the one on you feels full and humid.

Rinse or store

in your MagicPouch. If you don’t have the option to rinse right now, simple put your undies in your MagicPouch and keep it in your purse until you get home.

Wash your daytime underwear

by hand or machine wash it in a mesh laundry bag using gentle or delicate mode.

Put on a fresh pair

to last the night.

Sleep. Wake up. Repeat.



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