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Mission #weareozee

Making everyone OZÉE

Our mission is to convert everyone to a more comfortable and greener period.

OZÉE is inspired by the French word osée, meaning brave, bold, daring, and a risk taker. We believe that with a little bit of bravery, we can make real change.

It all starts with the little meaningful changes in our daily lives. It can start by switching to a more comfortable, healthier period.

Period undies are extra comfortable because it feels like regular undies. No more irritation or rash during your period.

By making this one little change, we can create even bigger impact. It takes 500 years for your disposable pads or tampons to decompose.

It is estimated that a woman uses 11,400 pads in her lifetime.

Switching to reusable period products means being kinder to this planet we call home.

We know that changing a habit can be hard. That’s why we want to gather everyone to do it together.

Call on your sisters, your daughters, your best friends, your wives, your cousins to make this change.

Together, we can do it. And it will be worth it.

These ladies have made amazing changes


Elysia is fully aware of the environmental impact of disposable pads, so she loves that we now have period undies as an option in Indonesia. After trying them, she said she’s never going back to regular pads.


As a chef, Bunga’s super heavy periods are a nightmare in the busy kitchen. She finally found comfort in OZÉE undies. In her words, it definitely changed her life.

Together, we can make amazing changes.

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